Want To Feel 10 Years Younger? Start With Peptide Therapy In Walnut Creek!

Want to feel and look a decade younger? Start with peptide therapy treatments that are customized to your lifestyle!

Peptide therapy is an innovative, advancing treatment in regenerative medicine that uses your biological molecules to help you feel stronger and younger through optimized enhancement strategies. Different peptides have varying benefits, but they may generally help reduce wrinkles, boost your immune system, and improve your recovery speed. No two individuals will have peptide therapy treatments that are the same. Peptide therapy has been proven as the hormone-boosting medicine that minimizes the effects of aging, helps you sleep more at night, and builds muscle mass through protein addition. 

At Evolved Medical, we provide patients with peptides therapy in Walnut Creek, as well as hormone imbalance therapy to help them feel ten years younger. Our highly qualified and experienced staff understand the intricacies of the human body as we adopt a holistic approach to effective healthcare. We’ll work with patients to personalize treatment plans to meet their unique needs and guide them towards optimal health and wellness 

Peptide therapy may be the right treatment method to help you feel yourself again. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us at Evolved Medical to book a consultation and see if it’s right for you. If you’re still unsure of the benefits of peptide therapy, here are a few reasons to reconsider.  

What Is Peptide Therapy Used For?

Peptide therapy can be used to improve a variety of conditions, often associated with aging such as hair loss, muscle mass loss, or uneven sleeping patterns among other conditions. Peptides occur naturally in your body and are the building blocks of protein that help it function. They’re smaller molecules that can be broken down faster and easily absorbed into your body. 

Age, stress, and poor diet disrupt the production of healthy peptides to your system, resulting in a variety of bad symptoms. However, added peptides such as oxytocin, collagen, and insulin among others can help support a healthy body and elastin for the skin. Peptides can be easily injected into the body, allowing your bloodstream to circulate them throughout your body. 

Peptide therapy can have many benefits for a patient, depending on the type of peptide applied and their own circumstances and conditions. It can help in developing lean muscle growth, energy, strength, stamination, and endurance. It may also help improve your tissue growth,  wound recovery, immune system, workout recovery, libido, and natural human growth hormone production. Peptides may also reduce fat through a lipolysis breakdown and regulate other hormones to help with your digestion, neurological activity, cardiovascular health, presidio health, and renal function. 

The effectiveness of peptide therapy on different patients is still being researched, but early results are promising so far. 

How Will I Know If Peptide Therapy Is Working For Me?

Peptide therapy is very often used for hormone replacement, medical weight loss, pain relief, and anti-aging purposes. How you know what effects they bring and if they work largely depends on the type of peptide applied and through consultations with our team or another medical professional. The possibilities for peptide therapy are almost endless, but its effectiveness may be measured by the right dosage prescribed to a patient. 

Peptides are still being researched by the medical community, with some having support from established pharmaceuticals and scientific literature. However, despite the lack of concrete evidence through human trials, anecdotal and clinical experience from our patients have yielded early positive results through the safe and effective tools we used. Although some minor side effects have been reported, those can be easily mitigated through measurable dosing, changing of routine, and consistent consultation. 

The amount of peptides used and their general effectiveness should constantly be monitored by the medical professional administering it. If it is not working for you at first, you may need some adjustments in order to feel its effects. Our highly qualified staff will keep you in safe hands and ensure you feel comfortable during the treatment. That includes talking about the price tag for peptide therapy. 

How Much Does Peptide Therapy Cost?

The cost of peptide therapy depends on the type of peptide used and the length of treatments. They can typically range between $100 to $300 per treatment, depending on the medical center that applied it. Since peptide therapy is still considered experimental in most areas, the treatment isn’t covered by any insurance provider. Nevertheless, we’ll work with you on a fair and flexible payment plan to help you access peptide therapy if you need it. 

Contact Evolved Medical today to book a consultation with our team and learn more about peptide therapy. Get in touch with us to see if peptide therapy can help you now!

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