Growth Hormone GP Peptides

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Growth hormone GP peptides are a form of treatment that restores human growth hormone (HGH) levels in the body, resulting in increased metabolism, improved quality of sleep, increased sex drive and performance, healthier bone and muscle mass, and healthier immune function. These peptides are short chains of amino acids, organic compounds that make up larger proteins. 

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also called somatotropin, is responsible for ensuring your body repairs itself and continues to develop and grow smoothly throughout your early life. Once you reach adulthood, the hormone still plays various crucial physiological roles, including immune and blood sugar regulation functions. (1) HGH levels naturally decline as you age, but too little of this hormone can lead to a multitude of symptoms, including: 

  • Slower recovery from exercise and prolonged soreness
  • Reduced fitness and physical stamina
  • Higher body fat percentage 
  • Decreased muscle mass 
  • Chronic fatigue  
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold 
  • Symptoms of depression or anxiety 
  • Reduced sex drive 

If any of this sounds familiar, human growth hormone therapy might be just what you need to help you feel like yourself again. 

When implemented alongside diligent monitoring of your overall health, this therapy can be safely prescribed to those who are struggling with the unwanted effects of aging. At Evolved Medical, our team of medical professionals is led by the expertise of Dr. Amit Rajguru, a physician board-certified in internal medicine with extensive training in functional and regenerative medicine. During your appointments at Evolved Medical, you can expect Dr. Rajguru to evaluate your health as a whole before considering growth hormone GP peptides. To see if this unique and innovative therapy is right for you, please call our office in Walnut Creek, CA at (925) 433-8444 or use our contact page to request your consultation today. 

About Human Growth Hormone and HGH Therapy

HGH is directly responsible for stimulating bone and cartilage growth since childhood HGH deficiency disorders can result in dwarfism. (2) As a hormone produced in the pituitary gland, an adult-onset deficiency is characterized by symptoms related to hypopituitarism, or an underactive pituitary gland. Those who can’t produce enough of these hormones or other pituitary hormones may experience some of the symptoms previously listed. 

The most common peptide utilized in HGH therapy is sermorelin. Sermorelin is a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), so it is not an imitation of the growth hormone itself, but it acts as a trigger for its production. It is most often recognized for its anti-aging abilities that result in increased muscle mass, better insulin regulation, and libido improvements. There is even evidence that sermorelin can shrink brain tumors. (3) This particular GHRH is available as a subcutaneous injection.  

Ipamorelin also targets the ghrelin receptors. It chemically stimulates the production of HGH by binding to ghrelin receptors in the brain. Ipamorelin is considered a true peptide due to its chemical structure of amino acids. It has been widely studied for its ability to improve bone strength through re-mineralization. Research has also shown that it plays a role in insulin secretion and regulation through its effects on calcium channels within the pancreas, the organ where insulin is produced. 

Candidates for Growth Hormone Therapy 

You do not need to have an HGH deficiency to be a candidate for peptide therapy- most healthy men and women can benefit from its hormone-balancing effects. These treatments’ dosages are customized to patients’ exact needs to minimize any risk of unwanted side effects. Dr. Rajguru will order blood tests to ensure you are a suitable candidate prior to prescribing any form of hormone or peptide treatment. He will also discuss other factors including your weight, age, and physical fitness to give you an accurate idea of what to expect from this treatment. 

Personal Consultation

At your personal consultation with Dr. Rajguru, he will take the time to understand your concerns. During the appointment, he will review your health history, the specific problems that have interfered with your daily life, and other factors that could be contributing to these problems unrelated to pituitary hormones. 

If he believes that you will feel noticeable improvements with growth hormone peptide therapy, he will present you with available options and dosages. Finally, he will give you a personalized idea of when to expect results. For some, it may only take a few days, while others may require a few weeks. 

To get started today at Dr. Rajguru’s state-of-the-art facility in Walnut Creek, CA, please call (925) 433-8444 or use our online form, and a member of our office’s staff will respond to you as soon as possible.  

How Does Peptide Therapy Work?

Dr. Rajguru prescribes HGH peptide therapy in the form of injections. Injections are the most common form of administration since the peptide/secretagogue reaches the bloodstream at a much faster rate. With this method, the body can utilize the medication much quicker. When HGH-stimulating medications are taken via an oral route, most of their effectiveness is lost in the digestive process. Dr. Rajguru will help you make an informed decision regarding your method of administration. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is one of the best therapies to use alongside growth hormone peptide therapy.  The combination of growth hormone peptide therapy and testosterone allows the body to achieve more anabolic effects compared to either therapy alone.  HGH therapy is part of a wide range of hormone-based treatments offered at Evolved Medical that include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for men and women and forms of thyroid hormone therapy. BHRT for women consists of the implementation of molecularly identical estrogen and progestin hormones to relieve symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. This may include regular chills, hot flashes, sleep problems, mood swings, weight gain, thinning hair, and vaginal dryness. Although it is a natural part of life for women, it can be a rather uncomfortable process that reduces the quality of life- BHRT can help tremendously. 

Men often go through a similar age-related process called andropause, characterized by fatigue, loss of muscle mass, irritability, depression, lack of motivation, and poor sexual performance. Luckily, BHRT for men mostly incorporates testosterone replacement which mitigates these issues and allows men to lead fulfilling, active lives into old age. BHRT for both men and women is available at Evolved Medical in the form of topical gels and creams, topical patches, injections, and pellets. 

As one of the most important endocrine glands in the body, the thyroid mostly produces tetraiodothyronine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3); too much or too little of these hormones can result in thyroid disease. Signs of hypothyroidism, or too little T3 and T4 can manifest as a slow heartbeat, cold intolerance, fatigue, and weight gain. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) from the pituitary gland (where human growth hormone is produced) and Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) from the hypothalamus area of the brain work together with the main thyroid hormones to maintain hormonal balance. (4) Since the thyroid and pituitary gland work so closely together, Dr. Rajguru may evaluate your thyroid functioning if you choose to take peptide therapy. If needed, he may prescribe a personalized form of thyroid hormone therapy that involves regular evaluation through blood tests. 

Cost of Growth Hormone GP Peptides in Walnut Creek, CA 

Our staff has the knowledge and advanced training needed to address hormonal health. We want to be sure that our treatments enhance the quality of your life and restore your health and well-being in the most natural way possible. Our expert team will put every effort into providing you with the HGH therapy plans that can satisfy your goals and lifestyle. 

During your initial appointment with Dr. Rajguru, he will provide you with a total cost estimate that includes follow-up appointments and the cost of the medication itself. To schedule your consultation, get in touch by calling (925) 433-8444 or using our online form which will allow you to provide more details regarding your situation. Take the first step towards optimizing your health and vitality with the latest and most advanced peptide-based growth hormone therapy. 


What is growth hormone (GH)?

Growth hormone or somatotropin, also known as human growth hormone, is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans.  Growth hormone plays a role in muscle health, bone health, brain functioning, and how our bodies collect fat  (especially around the stomach area).

How does growth hormone peptide therapy work?

You will do daily injections Monday through Friday to improve growth hormone levels. We primarily use a medication called sermorelin, which stimulates your pituitary gland to release growth hormone. We will teach you how to safely inject.

Why should you use human growth hormone (HGH)?

HGH causes your body to make less of its own growth hormone. We use sermorelin which works to enhance your own body’s production of growth hormone without suppressing current and future growth hormone production.

Do I cycle growth hormone peptide therapy? 

We do not recommend cycling treatment. If you are experiencing the benefits of growth hormone peptide therapy, we recommend continuing it without stopping.

Does insurance cover this growth hormone peptide treatment?

No. We do not accept insurance at Evolved Medical.

What should I eat while taking growth hormone peptides?

We recommend a clean, healthy diet for our patients on growth hormone peptide therapy. A good example of this would be the Mediterranean Diet. However, you should inject the medications on an empty stomach. 

Does growth hormone peptide therapy burn belly fat?

Growth hormone peptide therapy does have a fat-burning property. However, in clinical practice, the amount of fat burning is very limited. Individual results will vary. 

How long does it take to start feeling the effects of growth hormone peptide therapy? 

Results start to appear in approximately one month. Improved workout recovery and sleep begins at this time.

What is the most effective way to take growth hormone peptide therapy? 

HGH therapy is most effectively administered through injections since pills can lose most or all of their potency in the digestive tract. 


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