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We’re evolved “by practicing state-of-the-art medicine and focusing on the root cause of many current medical problems, I have been able to impact my patients in a much more meaningful way.”

Amit Rajguru, MD

Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Rajguru passionately believes that the way to a more energetic, healthy, and disease-free life is using natural ways to make the body younger at the cellular level.

Dr. Rajguru has completed the fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative and Functional Medicine offered by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and brings forth all of his knowledge to help his patients heal.

Jessica Hassan, RN

Jessica comes to us highly trained in aesthetics with several years of experience. She also has over ten years of IV therapy experience. Jessica has always been passionate about wellness and preventive health. Ensuring safe aesthetic services while maintaining a natural look is her priority.

Known for her calm and caring demeanor, gentle touch and her artistic eye, Jessica delivers highly personalized care for each one of her clients. She believes aesthetic treatment plans should be individualized. Her goal is to help her clients achieve their desired results and feel refreshed.

An Evolved Approach to Aging

By Dr. Rajguru

I’ve been involved in the practice of medicine for over 30 years, and spent 20 of those years practicing traditional medicine. There’s a place for traditional medicine when treating those of us that are quite ill. Unfortunately, our Western approach does not address what we are all most concerned about…the effects of aging!

I use a comprehensive medical approach.  We use today’s most advanced techniques and technologies to help you look and feel your best.

Evolved Medical offers today’s most in-demand treatments such as hormone health, energy-based devices, and growth factors, which can all work together to reverse our biological clocks.

When I think about what I want as I age, I think about aging as healthily and disease-free as possible, and enjoying life without any limitations. In short, I want to stay at my absolute best as the years pass. Over the last decade, I’ve transitioned to anti-aging medicine and developed this practice to help my patients do just that. 

Peptide Therapy

I designed Evolved Medical to help each and every one of us look and feel our best. This is the cornerstone of my practice, and why I’ve chosen a holistic approach to wellness and vitality. I help my patients with total health, so that they can optimize their potential for longevity while maintaining their well-being and aesthetics. I work closely with each patient to understand their unique concerns and physiology. Then, we can start strategizing the best way to ensure that they have all of the advantages they deserve to live their best life.

And while every patient is different, there are a few grounding principles that guide my practice:

The first is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a clean, healthy diet and staying active. This is the best way to fight the effects of aging and to maintain peak performance. Unfortunately, even those with ideal lifestyles still encounter challenges brought by the passage of time, and the normal aging process. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it! We’re Evolved: there are therapies that can help you recalibrate, so you look and feel your absolute best.

The second piece of core guidance I offer patients is to take control of your hormones. As we age our hormone levels fluctuate and decline. There’s no reason to settle for a compromise in energy, emotional well-being, or overall vitality. Oftentimes, patients have no idea the impact their hormones have on their everyday life until they rebalance, and realize just how badly their quality of life was affected. Hormone replacement therapy can be a powerful tool. 

The third aim of Evolved Medical is making sure that all of our hard work shows! If you feel good, you deserve to look good. Your appearance is a reflection of your health, and good health should be celebrated! 

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Evolved Medical

At Evolved Medical Group, you get skilled practitioners for your hormone At Evolved Medical Group, you get expert practitioners with the skills and experience needed to optimize your well-being. You can restore your energy, strength, and focus with our individualized hormone replacement therapy. We offer a full spectrum of hormone replacement therapy plans that will reverse your decreased hormone levels and let you feel younger and more energetic. Get ready to take on the world. We tailor individualized hormone replacement programs that are based on your medical history and daily lifestyle to produce the best possible results.

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