Shockwave Therapy: Countering Men’s Underlying Sexual Infirmities

When it comes to our sexual wellbeing, we always hesitate to discuss it with others. Well, sexual infirmities are very common these days, and there are hundreds of treatments for them. One of the sexual conditions found in men is erectile dysfunction and to counter that, you can visit Evolved Medical Group as we are the best sexual wellness clinic for men. Let us enlighten you about what ED is and how it transpires and how shock wave therapy counters it?

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an infirmity of men when they fail to achieve or hold an erection firm enough to penetrate. As men age, they become more prone to get this underlying issue. Remember, it is not a common character of the aging process, but it can transpire to any man of any age group. There are many treatment options to counter erectile dysfunction such as hormone replacement therapy in California, the Best PRP For Men. But among them all, the gains wave therapy is one of the best ways to get over erection issues.

Inadequate blood supply to the penis is one of the common factors that leads to this underlying condition of ED. It is called vasculogenic ED. Opting for gains wave therapy is a suitable option as it treats the root of the problem plus increases the blood supply to the penis. And eventually, men can gain a firm & long-lasting erection for sexual intercourse. Curious how? Keep on reading to learn more about it. How shockwave therapy works, benefits, and potential risks, if any, associated with it?

What Is Gains Wave Therapy?

It is non-surgical, non-invasive, and one of the best ways to combat erectile dysfunction. The method has recently emerged and gained popularity over the last decade. Doctors may refer to gains wave therapy as low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave treatment (LI-ESWT) for this underlying physical disorder. If you search for Shockwave Therapy near me online, Evolved Medical Health Center will appear at the top of the list.

How Does Li-Eswt Work?

LI-ESWT for erectile dysfunction works by implementing low-intensity shock waves to the penis. A practitioner uses a handheld device to administer these shockwaves to the penile reason. At first, the practitioner will apply the gel as an interface to conduct the shock pulses. No anesthetic is required for the treatment as the procedure is not painful but yes, you can undergo a bit of tingling sensation in the area where the shockwaves are implemented. 

A practitioner will apply a fixed amount of shocks per minute for a set interval of time. One sitting may last around 15-20 minutes. Usually, a patient needs to undergo repeat treatments to vanish ED. The energy from shock wave treatment excites the growth of new blood vessels through the process. It is known as angiogenesis. This increased penile blood flow results in a man gaining an erection on their own firm enough for sexual intercourse.

LI-ESWT may also benefit in the growth and effectiveness of pde5 inhibitors. These are oral supplements for treating erectile dysfunction. Let us have a peep at the benefits of shockwave therapy. 

No Side Effects and Safe

Gains Wave therapy has been clinically proven to produce outcomes that last as long as two to three years after treatment. While individual determinants including overall wellness and lifestyle choices factor into the overall success, it is believed the effects could prove to be more permanent than other forms of treatment.

No Pain and No Invasive Procedure Are Carried Out for the Treatment

As an FDA-approved treatment alternative, there have been no side effects reported that can directly be linked to the therapy. Mild discomfort post-treatment has been notified in a small number of patients and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. The state-of-the-art device used to perform the procedure is used for multiple other medical applications, and when used by a qualified technician offers no negative side effects.

Non-invasive, Totally Painless

Unlike surgical methods, acoustic wave therapy proposes a non-invasive solution to erectile dysfunction. The regenerative vibrations incite a natural healing process within the body that restores blood vessels and promotes blood flow to the penis. Because the procedure is non-surgical, it’s also a pain-free alternative that many patients relate to as producing a tingling sensation.

Triggers Natural Repair Abilities by Increasing Blood Flow

Gains wave therapy is distinct from other ED treatments as it repairs the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. Spoiled blood vessels are the primary cause of most cases of erectile dysfunction. Acoustic wave therapy triggers the body’s natural repair mechanisms to recover blood vessel health thereby increasing blood flow for a natural arousal response.

Regain Libido With Long-Lasting, Strong, and Firm Erections

Diminished sex life can put stress on relationships as well as stir other areas of life. Countering erectile dysfunction with gains wave therapy can help improve men’s ability to gain and maintain stronger, longer-lasting erections without the need for pills or pumps, allowing for more impulsive and enhanced sexual relationships.

Rate of Success Is More Than 70%

For men enduring vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, gains wave therapy has proven profitable in improving the quality of erections in 70% of men who have undergone treatment. While some men may not achieve their desired outcomes, the high percentage who do profit can gain and maintain natural erections over a sustained period after the procedure.

Treatments Like Medications Are Compatible

Undergoing acoustic wave therapy does not restrain other treatment alternatives for erectile dysfunction. This treatment is ideal for recovering the root cause of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, but some men may prefer to resume symptom treatment as well, like the usage of performance-enhancing pills. It is entirely safe and effective to merge other treatments with gains wave therapy.

Penile gains wave therapy is still experimental since it is a comparatively new treatment among others with no long-term data. However, the outcomes received are pretty impressive from the test. At Evolved Medical Group, is the best Shockwave Providers in California. We have trained specialists who are having accurate knowledge about the effectiveness of gains wave therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Come to experts to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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