If you are dealing with hair loss? Dr. Rajguru is pleased to offer you the best Female hair loss treatment in Walnut Creek which helps in hair regrowth, and it works. PRP techniques help to deal with other medical conditions and various problems associated with hair loss. If you have heard of a vampire facelift that uses your own blood for treatment, you’ll be surprised to know that PRP treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma is also based on the same principle. It also uses your blood for treating your hair loss problem.

PRP For Hair Regrowth (Women)


Our blood is composed of two major components that include red blood cells and Plasma. Plasma is the most prominent liquid present in our bloodstream, and platelets are the healing elements that help us to recover from injuries. Using this advanced technique, you can get the maximum benefits of PRP for female hair loss in California. PRP therapy is very effective for hair regrowth, and it is getting popular every day. 

PRP is composed of your blood containing vital plasma that is much superior to normal plasma. It contains 5-10 more platelets due to which it has more healing capabilities. It helps in rejuvenating the body and increases the ability to recover from injuries. PRP therapy is an effective solution for the people who are looking for a reliable hair loss solution and who need something that delivers results. Patients who are suffering from hair thinning probl

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