Improve Your Health With Peptide Therapy | Feel Younger and Look Amazing At Any Age!

At Evolved Medical, we provide peptides therapy in Walnut Creek conducted by medically trained and experienced functional medicine doctors. We want to help our patients lead fulfilling lives as they grow towards their golden years. By utilizing peptide therapy as part of your lifestyle, you’ll be relying on some of the newest, advanced health and wellness treatments to enhance your well-being. 

Peptide therapy is a wide range of treatments involving hormone-boosting supplements, protein powders, and injectables often prescribed by doctors or medical practitioners. Peptides are a special type of protein made from animal sources that are easily absorbed into your system to balance your hormone levels. Due to their overall composition and the way they’re processed, peptides can assist your body in many different ways than standard vitamins and mineral supplements. Among the potential benefits of peptides include reducing wrinkles, boosting your immune system, and improving your recovery post-surgery. 

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What Can Peptide Therapy Be Used For?

Peptide therapy can be used for a variety of applications, due to the chemical composition of how peptides operate. Peptides themselves are essential amino acid chains that send signals between your body’s cells. From there, their job is to help your body use its own healing properties to move your overall system towards optimal health. 

Each peptide treatment method has its own unique function and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution involved. Some peptides might act as hormones, while others may work as neurotransmitters within your body. They can even help direct interactions with your body as a response to your daily exercise activities or diet. Peptide therapy may also work to accelerate different improvements and help you feel your best. 

Among the conditions peptide therapy can be used for include enhancing your immunity, repairing tissue, reducing pain, and helping in post-surgical healing and recovery. Different peptide applications may also improve your overall skin tone and integrity, hair growth, wound healing, and cognitive focus. It may also help in decreasing adipose tissue and high levels of anxiety and depression. 

Overall, peptide therapy can be customized to any cellular process and for any purpose. The goal is to get your body to absorb these peptide functions in order to improve your well-being. After a few applications from our team, let’s go over how quickly you may see results from undergoing the process 

How Quickly Can I See The Results Of Peptide Therapy?

It’s important to note that peptide therapy is not an instant cure-all solution to life’s many ailments and conditions. Different peptides are prescribed to different people, who may not experience the same things. As such, the results of the treatment and their appearance can vary. Peptide therapy should be seen as an alternative, supportive treatment, above all else, that helps boost your body’s innate healing abilities. 

The results of peptide therapy largely depend on a case-by-case basis for different patients. The severity of their condition, the type of peptides they’re prescribed, and how much they’ve taken of it can definitely alter their intended effects. Follow-ups and subsequent consultations will usually take place to determine the efficacy of different treatments. Some people may feel improvements right away while others may take several weeks to a few months. Full effects may appear in around 3-6 months of treatment, especially if there are adjustments made in between treatment cycles. The process has low toxicity, high potency, and chemical and biological diversity that will have some effect on how your body operates. Early research into peptide therapy has yielded promising results known for their safety and efficacy with patients. 

Is Peptide Therapy Covered By Medical Insurance?

The short answer to this question is typically no. Because peptide therapy and similar treatment methods are still viewed as experimental, some insurance companies will not provide coverage. Depending on the type of peptide prescribed and the severity of your condition, some providers may have exceptions and cover some of the costs. However, the majority of treatments will have to be paid out-of-pocket on your end. 

Research into peptide therapy is still ongoing and there are numerous FDA-approved medications currently available for use. If your insurance provider covers the right network area, you may be able to use some of your benefits for coverage. Otherwise, we’ll work with you to set up an affordable payment plan if you do have to cover the costs yourself. Our friendly staff and team of medical practitioners will provide the best service during your treatment sessions to ensure your best needs are met. 

Contact Evolved Medical now to learn more about Peptide Therapy and how it may help improve your overall well-being at any age. Book an appointment with one of our functional medicine doctors today to start feeling your best!

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