Feeling Anxious? BHRT Treatments Can Help You Feel Like Yourself Again!

Evolved Medical is a medical center that helps men and women boost their energy and feel healthier again through hormone replacement therapy, PRP, and other treatments. Our certified and experienced team will help you feel less anxious by incorporating advanced hormone replacement techniques to regulate your body. 

High levels of anxiety can often be traced back to low or imbalanced levels of hormones in your body. This condition is gradually worsened as you age, but bioidentical hormone therapy treatments (BHRT) have been shown to help improve anxiety levels, sleep cycles, and energy boosts. The research is still ongoing, but promising results demonstrate that hormone imbalance therapy can have many benefits to relieving anxiety symptoms. 

Because we have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the body, we offer our patients a holistic approach to healthcare that has proven very effective. Dr. Rajguru is a professional functional medicine doctor that is committed to personalizing treatments to meet the unique needs of each of our patients so they can achieve optimal health and wellness.

Anxiety levels and hormones, such as estrogen or progesterone, are all connected factors that play a role with one another. We’ll go over the factors that may increase anxiety, as well as how they’re heightened during menopause and andropause. We’ll also explain how BHRT balances out your overall hormone levels.  

What Are Some Of The Factors That Increase Anxiety Levels?

Anxiety is often defined as a state of uneasiness and high apprehension, stemming from a variety of factors. Anxious people can have excessive, constant feelings of worry and fear that may be a result of external stress factors or low hormone levels due to old age. This can lead to even more crippling panic attacks that come without warning, making it debilitating for someone that just wants to lead a normal life.

Although there isn’t a definite factor that increases anxiety, low levels of estrogen in women or testosterone in men have been shown to make the condition worse. Special neurotransmitters in these hormones control feelings and regulate your mood. This leads to heightened emotions and low hormone levels that can interfere with your work and home responsibilities. 

Let’s explore next how low levels of hormones like estrogen can further increase someone’s anxiety levels. 

How Are Anxiety Levels Heightened During Menopause And Andropause?

Menopause and andropause are often periods in a man or woman’s life where their hormone functions weaken over time. Hormones that produce dopamine and serotonin to keep the body going need specific amino acids and nutrients to develop, and vice-versa. The changes in hormone levels can influence neurotransmitters in your brain that manage your behavior and mood. 

For example, men of an older age may be more susceptible to low testosterone levels and may experience greater bouts of uneasiness and anxiety. This is because the diminished output of valuable hormones to their body worsens their overall well-being and health. The same can be said for women with low estrogen, as they can experience more hot flashes and fewer amounts of good sleep. Both men and women can also experience more anxiety attacks and mood swings if their hormone levels are imbalanced. 

Research into how anxiety is connected to imbalanced hormones shows that andropause and menopause play some role in it. For women that experience the latter, severe anxiety can hormone levels can fluctuate during pregnancy or in the process of menopause. Men who are dealing with andropause will often feel like their body and brain are always under attack. When your body is under great stress, it releases higher amounts of cortisol and adrenaline that will only make your anxiety worse. 

If you’re experiencing andropause or menopause, along with long periods of anxiety, you may not be feeling like your best self. It’s important to speak with your doctors about potential treatments or medication. Nonetheless, BHRT has shown to be a sensible alternative treatment for those looking for ways to improve their anxiety. 

How Does BHRT Treatment Help Balance Out Hormone Levels?

BHRT (or commonly known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) has been shown to be effective in safely restoring hormones to appropriate levels. Different people may experience different reactions to it, but early results have been promising. Although it may not be a treatment method for everyone, BHRT can be a viable option for anxiety treatment. 

Bioidentical hormones are created out of synthetic plant-based material in a separate lab. It goes through a rigorous synthesizing process that ensures the hormones have the exact molecular structure as the natural ones in your body. They’re made to be accepted and recognized by your cells to integrate them into your bodily system. 

BHRT helps produce and release norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin chemicals within your body to improve your anxiety symptoms. By regulating your hormone levels and bringing them back to normal levels, you’ll feel less anxious every day, gain more energy frequently, and experience better sleep throughout the night. 

Contact Evolved Medical today to learn more about BHRT and how it may help you manage your anxiety levels.

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