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      What Are Bioidentical Hormones?


      A synthetic hormone, like Premarin or Prempro (respectively a synthetic estrogen and a synthetic progesterone), is made in a pharmaceutical lab from man-made chemical compounds, and bioidentical hormones are synthesized from plant and animal sources ? in particular soy and yams, pigs and horses.

      Synthetic hormones are built in such a way that the body does not recognize their molecular bonds, and as a result, they don?t metabolize efficiently.

      Unlike synthetic hormones, the body recognizes bioidentical hormones and metabolizes them properly. They can be synthetically produced and still be just as effective. And whether or not they are so produced, they still undergo a careful laboratory process and a number of handling steps before they are finished.

      The lab converts the raw compounds into chemical molecules that are the same as what the body makes for 17-beta estradiol, testosterone, or progesterone. These chemical molecules can then be turned into tablets, creams, patches, gels, and injectables. In this way, we can synthesize a bioidentical, natural compound to produce what our body cannot make any longer.

      However, a natural hormone is often foreign to the body. For example, Premarin is a mix of estrogens taken from the urine of pregnant mares ? biological organisms. And some of these estrogens the body does not produce, making them stronger, more powerful, and more persistent than 17-beta estradiol. This leads to negative consequences. There is also natural estrogen-type compounds to be considered, such as genistein. These are found in soy, red clover, and many other plants. Being from biological plant sources, they are natural, but nevertheless, the body does not make these. Nor does it have the enzymes required to turn clover isoflavones or genistein into 17-beta estradiol. That means that the molecules perform differently at one?s estrogen receptors and do not offer the full protection of 17-beta estradiol, leaving heart, bone, and brain as they were originally.

      Hormone therapy is designed to let both men and women live healthier and possibly longer lives. It will give you back vigor, restore your youth to a degree, and make aging easier. So try out our bioidentical hormone therapy today!

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