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      Vitality & Longevity: The Benefits of Anti-Aging Medicine


      Aging is a slow process. Gradually, cell turnover slows down, and the appearance of age becomes apparent. As if this were not enough, limited abilities in many areas of daily life evolve. Quality of life is diminished through natural aging. This is why, even though cosmetic surgery is available, it simply changes the appearance, and not the process within the body promoting aging.

      Age management medicine, applied synergistically, is the only true path to age management.

      What is the first sign of aging that both men and women experience?

      For women, this is an easy answer. It is menopause. For most of history, menopause was not a problem because, like most mammals, women did not live beyond child-bearing years. Youthful bodies, high sex drive, clear thinking and muscle strength were needed to attract the opposite sex, bear children and raise them in an uncertain environment. When hormonal health trickled away, life winked out, as well.

      Today women sometimes live half of their lives in the menopausal years. That means they live half of their lives lacking the hormonal input needed to keep them in optimal shape and vitality.

      What about men? Lately there has been some more emphasis on ?the aging male? due to our huge population of people over the age of 50. Women used to believe that men went on for most of their lives feeling as they did at the age of 35, without the steep drop-off of menopause. Now, through observation and medical knowledge, we know that is not true.

      Men suffer from their own version of menopause, although it may occur later in life due to biological factors. Male sexual hormones naturally diminish with age, as well, but the decline is gradual. A young man of 20 may have testosterone levels five times that of and 80-year-old male.

      Older men often have thin arms and legs and a protruding stomach or barrel-shaped waist. Low levels of human growth hormone, or HGH, contribute to a slack body and depression.

      As we can see, sex hormones seem to be the most vital hormonal component for keeping bodies young. Therefore, age management medicine must incorporate sex hormonal testing and replacement to turn back the clock.

      In order to promote optimum functioning for the human body, age management medicine must work to promote optimal nutrition, hormonal health and proper exercise to promote quality of life. Understanding and incorporating these three components is vital to restoring the body to optimal function and well-being.

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