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Platelet-rich plasma injections can ease knee pain

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections have shown great promise for individuals suffering with an osteoarthritic knee.

The process is called PRP therapy, and it’s a treatment that uses the patient’s own blood plasma to slow the progression of osteoarthritis, to alleviate the accompanying pain, and to improve a person’s quality of life. Case study results from the National Institutes of Health, and the Hospital for Special Surgery state that PRP therapy as a natural procedure has healing potential for osteoarthritic knees without any negative side effects.

How Blood Plasma Is Created

Before the therapy begins, a small amount of whole blood is drawn from the patient. The blood is placed in a centrifuge where the red blood cells are removed in order to create a concentration of plasma platelets.

Evolved Medical enhances the state-of-the-art PRP technology by adding hyaluronic acid to further promote the therapy’s success.

How PRP Treatment Works

Once the patient’s own blood has been prepared, it is put into one or more sterile syringes and injected back into the patient’s knee. The targeted injection sites may include the knee’s supporting tissue, the cartilage, and the top bone covering areas. Precise injection spots are dictated by each patient’s personal situation. The platelet injections during therapy are intended to provide beneficial effects for up to one year.

How PRP Effects Damaged Cartilage

The injected platelet-rich plasma works to signal stem cells and growth factors to help repair damaged tissue and cartilage with the body’s own natural healing abilities. Patients with osteoarthritic knees can lose approximately 5 percent of their knee cartilage every year. The case studies mentioned above found that when the majority of participants were examined after one year, there was no progression of arthritis and no additional loss of cartilage.

Treatment of osteoarthritic knees with the PRP procedure has proven to be useful in reducing knee pain and stiffness, and has improved daily functional knee activities. The beneficial effect of using platelets derived from someone’s own whole blood on damaged cartilage is the patient’s ability to better manage their daily life and to delay, or even eliminate, the need for corrective surgery.

PRP Therapy at Evolved Medical

Before any procedure is performed at Evolved Medical, we evaluate your individual condition and symptoms, and we test hormone and other levels in your blood. We will analyze your situation and develop a recommended personalized treatment plan.

If you are suffering with the constant mobility restrictions that are the result of osteoarthritic knees, and you want to know if the PRP therapy is a good treatment for you, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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