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      If You Want to Lose Weight, Focus On What You Are Eating

      Are you ready to lose weight? Maybe if one of these situations applies to you?

      • You’re approaching middle age.
      • You’re beyond middle age.
      • You just had a baby.
      • You are entering menopause.
      • You are retiring and want to focus on your body, your health, and your longevity.
      • You want to love the way you look for a reunion or wedding or vacation.
      • You want to live well, long into your twilight years. (What does that even mean any more?! You have a whole life to continue living.)

      The more we learn about aging, the more we understand that what we eat and how we exercise are critical to avoiding obesity and maintaining health over the long run.

      Physical activity is extremely important, and the implications are deeper than mere weight loss. Working out, however you choose to do it, keeps you strong and energized, upbeat and systemically high functioning. Find something you love and do it every day. That could be walking, yoga, tennis, cycling, dancing, or soccer. You should probably also include light weight training, especially after middle age. Discuss your plans for exercise with a trusted medical professional. Whole body exercise is going to help keep you healthy.

      Increasingly, however, the research points to diet as the most important component of weight loss. So if your goal is to lose pounds and inches, you want to focus on the food you eat.

      Dieting is difficult. We all know that, so maybe it’s time to look at diet differently. For too long, Americans have viewed diets as a tool of oppression. In contrast, Evolved Medical sees making changes to what and how we eat as incredibly liberating. There are so many wonderful things to eat that are whole, healthy, and delicious. It might just take a bit of adjustment in how you think about food.

      You may not even realize that what you are eating is causing you to gain weight. There are little culprits everywhere and incidental eating has calories that add up.

      There are so many ways our eating habits sabotage the desire to diet and get slim, so take a closer look at what you eat in a day, in a week. Keep a food journal documenting your meals and snacks. Do you rely too much on carbohydrates to get you through a long day? Are you a grazer? Do you try to eat little all day long then binge on an overly large dinner too late at night?

      Remember, liquid calories count and could be the reason you aren’t losing weight. Try cutting out that daily fancy coffee drink, loaded with sugar and cream. Replace one drink with water, with carbonation and/or flavor from sliced fruit.

      Food can be approached without fear. You just may need to be more intentional about your choices.

      What do you eat? What does your body need? What do you love? It may have to change, but it will be for the better, so that you can live a long and happy life, free from illness and able to embrace the future with vitality.

      If you need help addressing weight gain and aging, contact Evolved Medical in San Mateo, Lafayette, Santa Cruz or Monterey for a free weight loss consultation. We’re here to help you live better, now.

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