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      How To Tell If You Have A Nutritional Deficiency

      According to the Centers for Disease Control, many Americans maintain healthy levels of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. However, many are still deficient in vitamin D, iron and folate. For those who do not maintain a healthy diet, the risk of nutrition deficiency rises. These are some common signs of a nutritional deficiency.


      According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, small cracks along the corners of the mouth are often passed off as dry skin. However, they can signify a lack of protein, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. If the cause is an iron deficiency, taking iron with vitamin C will help the body absorb the iron better.


      These painless small bumps often appear on the arms, thighs and buttocks. They are usually a sign of a deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A or vitamin D. Eating more salmon, sardines and anchovies will provide more fatty acids. Leafy greens are rich in vitamin A, and sunlight is a good source of vitamin D.


      If a person develops a red, scaly rash on the face and notices thinning hair, it may be caused by a deficiency in biotin. This nutrient helps metabolize fats and strengthens hair, skin and nails. Egg yolks from free-range chickens are a good source of biotin. There are also supplements with biotin.


      A leg cramp or a side cramp may be attributed to not stretching enough. However, the culprit is often a deficiency of magnesium, calcium or potassium. Apples, dark leafy greens, squash and hazelnuts are all good sources of these essential nutrients. Also, stretching and exercising every day helps keep muscles in good shape.


      Feelings of prickling, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet may be blamed on poor-fitting shoes, carpal tunnel syndrome or a pinched nerve. In many cases, these feelings are caused by a B-vitamin deficiency. When there is a deficiency, it has a negative effect on peripheral nerves. This can also lead to anemia, fatigue, depression, anxiety or hormonal imbalances. Eggs, poultry, spinach and beets are good sources of B-vitmain benefits.

      According to WebMD, seniors should be especially vigilant in watching for nutrition deficiency signs. They may notice some of the following symptoms, which can be related to a variety of nutritional deficiencies:

      • Dry or brittle hair
      • Fatigue
      • Oral problems
      • Ridges on fingernails
      • Diarrhea
      • Irritability
      • Loss of appetite

      When a person notices body changes, it is important to evaluate intake of vitamins and minerals. A nutritional deficiency may still happen in people who consume enough vital nutrients. In some cases, there is an underlying reason why the body is not properly absorbing certain nutrients. It may be due to a hormonal imbalance. Many of these deficiencies are solved with hormone treatments. At Evolved Medical we use advanced testing to accurately test your micronutrient levels and help replace any deficiencies. To learn more about treatment options, contact Evolved Medical.

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