Several hormones can improve athletic performance, but it is essential to distinguish between  those that are safe and legal, and those that are not.

One of the best-known, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), can build muscle mass, so it seems appealing as an aid to athletic performance. It has several possibly dangerous side-effects, however, so with good reason it can not be sold legally in the United States unless a physician prescribes it for a patient whose natural level of HGH is too low.

Evolved Medical can administer appropriate hormones based on your condition and your athletic goals. Of course we only administer hormones that are medically justified, legal and safe. A number of hormone treatments are available.

Enhanced Athletic Performance for Men

Testosterone is often used to treat low levels of testosterone (Low-T) in men, and they can also be used to enhance athletic performance. Two types are commonly available: bioidentical and synthetic. At Evolved Medical, we prescribe only bioidentical hormones, as they are more easily absorbed and utilized in the body and less likely to cause adverse side effects.

Following bioidentical testosterone treatment, men with Low-T may experience improved athletic performance, enhanced libido, and better sexual performance.

A proper balance of testosterone, and growth hormone help to provide improved athletic performance, as well as weight control, and many other beneficial effects for men.

Enhanced Athletic Performance for Women

As women age, there is a naturally occurring loss of HGH, testosterone, progesterone and estrogen that affect energy levels and muscle mass. Balancing or replacing low or missing hormones can greatly enhance both. There are also strong indicators that estrogen may decrease skeletal muscle damage and inflammation from exercise, and clinical evidence suggests a correlation between adequate hormonal levels and enhanced athletic performance and recovery for women.

Evolved Medical Treatments for Enhanced Athletic Performance

Advanced hormone therapy often results in loss of fat and the addition of lean muscle mass for both men and women, which will naturally improve sports performance over time.

Additionally, it has been shown that PRP, or platelet rich plasma, can be used to treat chronic sports and musculoskeletal injuries. This therapy is also available at Evolved Medical.

HGH is a regulated substance, available under only under certain circumstances. If our tests indicate that you indeed have an HGH deficiency, Evolved Medical can prescribe this hormone therapy for you. Additionally, growth hormone peptides are proving to be equally as beneficial in balancing the effects of growth hormone.  We do not start with the solution, however. We test your hormone levels to determine your need, and prescribe a solution based on indications.

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