EVOLVED MEDICAL offers a complete hormone replacement program to help you feel younger and live healthier. Once your treatment begins, you should see almost immediate improvement in how you feel and in your overall quality of life.

Due to the increased risks with oral estrogens, our experts use topical creams to deliver estrogen replacement therapy. Progesterone however can be delivered either orally or topically depending on your symptoms. If multiple medications are needed to be delivered topically, our specialty pharmacies combine the medications so that only 1 application is used daily whenever possible.

We make sure that clear instructions are given to our patients so that the medications are effectively delivered properly. Routine monitoring of your blood hormone levels helps our experts deliver personalized therapy to you. All of our patients are given instructions on healthy lifestyle modifications including detailed diet and exercise planning.

What Are Bio-Identical Hormones?

Our experts use Bio-identical hormones. That means that the hormones we use are the exact same molecules that are currently in your body today. Using these natural hormones ensures that the hormones are used by your entire body in a healthy way. For example, an artificial form of testosterone may give you a lean or muscular build like bioidentical Testosterone. However, it may also provide negative side effects on your cholesterol and/or heart health. Bio-identical testosterone is the same as the testosterone your body has been using your entire life. In fact, side effects are none to minimal when dosed and monitored properly.

Worrisome Trends

Hormone levels are decreasing at an alarming rate. Our current world is more inundated with heavy metals, pesticides and plastics than ever before. These exposures are believed to be responsible for our rapidly declining hormone levels as well as the resultant changes in libido, energy, and weight gain (to name a few).Our experts provide a balanced approach to hormone replacement. We do
not only prescribe sex hormones for women. However, we aim to balance DHEA, testosterone, pregnenolone, Thyroid hormone, Vitamin D and Growth Hormone as part of the care we provide.


Simply put, the first year will cost approximately $2400 or $200/month. This includes the cost of your doctor visits, lab work, and basic pharmaceutical medications. The majority of the costs occur during the 1st 6 months of hormone balancing. Afterwards, you will only need about 2-4 follow up visits per year.

  • The first hour long consultation with the physician costs $400. During that visit we will review your lab work, your symptoms and review your personalized and customized treatment plan.
  • The Initial Lab work costs $475 for and includes a comprehensive hormonal workup.
  • Follow up visits occur 2 to 4 times per year and are $200 for the 30 minute visit. Follow up lab work is on average $250 per visit, but varies based on your treatment plan.
  • Cost of hormones average approximately $45-$55 per hormone per month.

Schedule your free consultation today with one of our hormone replacement experts to see if hormone replacement is right for you.