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Healthy Foods That Are Bad For You

Without the proper diet weight loss is almost impossible. You need to reduce your caloric consumption while maintaining – or increasing – your intake of nutrients. Choosing whole foods is perhaps the most important thing you can do to lose weight and become or remain healthy.

But some foods that we may think are good, due to misinformation and being bombarded with sensational marketing, are in fact poor choices. Let’s dispel a few myths about some so-called “healthy” foods and keep them out of our diets.

Keep the Fat

No, this is not reverse psychology. Your body needs good, monounsaturated fat from whole milk yogurt, cheese, and nuts. It keeps you satiated and provides proper energy. Fats are critical for nerve and brain function, transporting certain vitamins through the bloodstream, and forming steroid hormones that regulate bodily functions.

Fats aren’t the culprit in the weight gain equation. The problem is too many calories, especially those that derive from sugar. When fat is removed, sugar is often added to processed foods. Demonizing fat was a mistake of the diet industry in the late 1990s. Don’t go back in time.

Whole Wheat What?

Just because a breakfast cereal boasts “whole grain” in big letters doesn’t mean it’s health food. Enriched wheat flour, an ingredient that is often added to products so that the manufacturer can claim they contain “whole wheat,” causes a sugar spike to the system, followed by an inevitable crash. It has zero nutritional benefit and will only cause increased hunger a short time later.

Multigrain breads from a local baker can be a good option for veggie-packed sandwiches, hummus or avocado-on-toast. Sprouted breads have a serious nutritional punch. We do not advocate removing all carbs, just to be careful about which you choose. Products with fewer ingredients are usually a smart place to start.

Be Fruit Smart

Fruit cocktail soaking in sugar or corn syrup is not a healthy option for your lunch bag. And those dried fruits in bins at the health food store? They can contain crazy levels of sugar and sulphur to keep them shelf-stable. Fruit juice that’s been stripped of its fibrous skin and wholesome pulp? Just say no.

Eat whole fruit raw and unadulterated to obtain their full content of vitamins and other nutrients and feel that satisfying fullness. We are major fans of snacking on frozen mango for an invigorating and creamy treat. Sliced fresh fruit makes an elegant and satisfying dessert. There’s (almost) no harm in adding a dollop of freshly whipped coconut cream and a few shavings of dark chocolate to make it feel indulgent.

Eating well can seem complicated. There are so many mixed messages and products being pushed that appear healthy but are not. We can help you navigate the confusing path to weight loss and optimal health as you age. Call Evolved Medical now to schedule a consultation to create a healthy lifestyle and aging plan: (888) 925-4568.

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