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      Gym Etiquette 101

      The gym is the place where weight loss goals are made. Beginning a regimen of going to the gym can be incredibly revitalizing. It can help you set goals for fitness and health and make habits that alter how you age.

      It can also be intimidating. It may seem like everyone there is already fit. What are they even doing there?! You may feel out of step, like a clumsy neophyte who will never be as strong, as thin, or as capable as the others.

      The reality is that everyone had his or her first day at the gym, not knowing the layout or the routine. We are here to help with a few tips about the basics of gym etiquette, so that you can begin working out in earnest without all the self-conscious fumbling. Are you ready to exercise and get strong? Let’s do this.

      Know the Rules

      Every gym has its own set of rules and code of conduct, so get to know the place and learn how it all works before you use it. Talk to the person behind the desk. Read the pamphlets and postings. Ask for a tour of the facilities, and ask how every piece of equipment works before you use it. You will immediately feel more like an insider if you know where the shower is, and which way to run around the track.

      Respect the Environment

      Change your shoes at the door. Wear proper attire (including shirts that cover up underarms). Put on deodorant (you might think that goes without saying, but a friendly reminder is always a good thing). Wipe down the machines after use. Don’t grunt too much, sing aloud, or douse yourself in strong fragrance before or after a workout. Keep it clean, bro.

      Respect the Next Guy

      Wiping down the machines with antiseptic is the most basic act of hygiene and respect. Furthermore, be mindful of your time. If there is a limit on how long you can stay on the elliptical, finish there and move on to another station. While you may have your head down, keep your eyes open for others who are waiting. If it’s a busy day or time you may have to adjust your schedule in order to be a polite member of the gym community. Be flexible. And if someone approaches you, be nice.

      Strong Stuff

      There is a specific code of conduct for the weight area, and if you are new to weight training you will want to be aware of the etiquette. Re-racking dumbbells and unloading the weight bar are ways to think ahead to the next person who wants to lift. Causing someone to trip over your mislaid equipment is the easiest way to make gym enemies. You don’t want the thickest neck to be your nemesis. Be courteous. Be a good neighbor. Be the best version of yourself.

      Everyone is busy. We are all trying to maximize our gym time to reach fitness goals within a busy schedule. Don’t be messy, don’t be rude. Take a few minutes to clean up after yourself and your gym experience will be productive and positive.

      If you’ve started going to the gym, you have already taken an important step toward improving your health, your body, and your life. If you are ready to discuss additional steps to adopt healthy habits and age well, contact Evolved Medical in San Mateo, Lafayette, Santa Cruz or Monterey for a free consultation.

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