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      Get a Better Night's Sleep

      Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is important, yet many suffer from insomnia that prevents them from achieving one of the basic needs for living a healthy life.

      A key component in resting well is how well certain hormones are working in the body. These chemicals work as the messengers in the brain to cause changes in an organ or cell as well as the tissues surrounding it. With these messages, important factors such as physical growth, energy, reproduction, and stress reaction are determined. Any imbalances in hormone production can negatively impact hypothalamus activity, which is the section of the brain that manages the resting/wake cycle.

      Hormones also affect the body?s alertness, which affects how well a person sleeps by releasing too much adrenaline. Stress can trigger this imbalance. The hypothalamus may then secrete high levels of cortisol and cortisone to make it difficult for an individual to power down at night.

      A hormone imbalance can also result in a reduced amount of the aldosterone and antidiuretic hormones that eliminate the need to use the bathroom during slumber, which could also play a part in insomnia. A hormone imbalance not only affects the ease of going to sleep, but it can also determine when a person wakes up.

      While hormones play a major role in rest for both genders, men and women have unique hormonal configurations that can affect sleep cycles. The menstrual cycle causes a drop in progesterone, melatonin, and estrogen in women, and aging, physical issues can cause low levels of testosterone in men to reduce the ability to rest well.

      Other causes of hormonal imbalance include:

      • Stress
      • Pregnancy
      • Thyroid Issues
      • Obesity
      • Overgrowth of Yeast
      • Birth Control
      • Heredity
      • Aging
      • Digestive Issues

      While a hormone imbalance seems complicated and you may find it difficult to know where to start, there are specialized medical organizations that focus precisely on repairing imbalances to restore healthy rest. Evolved Medical provides essential treatments such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy that is specifically made for both men and women, medically assisted weight loss, and thyroid optimization.

      When these treatments are applied in a skillful manner with careful consideration to each patient, marked improvements in sleeping patterns, improved muscle mass, weight stability, lessened anxiety, and even improvements in sex drive become a reality. The dedicated doctors of Evolved Medical are specialized in administering these treatments. Schedule a consultation with them today to reap the benefits of a better night?s rest.

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