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      Few Options Can Deter Hot Flashes


      They could start earlier in some women who experience perimenopause, but they generally show up after the 40th birthday.


      A hot flush, also known as a hot flash, is a sudden rush of heat that sweeps through a woman’s body at once. The causes are not well known, but they are associated with inevitable hormonal changes. The heat rush could last from two to 30 minutes per each occurrence. The flashes end as suddenly as they started.


      There is no standard answer for this question. The flashes differ from one woman to the other. While some experience them for as short a period as six months, some women have to put up with them for as long as seven years. In a few isolated cases, the North American Menopause Society reports that some women have had them for over a decade.


      In most cases, they happen suddenly, but at times, some women say that they can feel them coming. The body heats up suddenly and exhibits these signs:

      • The skin feels unbearably hot.
      • The heart beats faster than usual.
      • Instant sweating, especially of the upper body.
      • Tingly fingers.
      • The face becomes instantly red and flushed, or both.

      The flashes are nature’s way of letting you know that you are approaching a different stage of life. While they cannot be prevented or wished away, eliminating some triggers could reduce their occurrence and severity:

      • Caffeine.
      • Tight clothing.
      • Spicy food.
      • Alcohol and cigarette smoking.

      The better part of that list contains things that most of us love, but if letting them go for the time that flashes last would be beneficial, then it is a worthy sacrifice.


      Apart from changing some lifestyle habits to deal with them, there is hardly any way to get rid of hot flashes. Because the most explicable cause of flashes is the change in hormone levels, more women are opting for hormone replacement therapy.

      As you age, the body reduces the level of estrogen it produces. The reduced production causes an imbalance that results in these episode. If they are almost too severe and distracting, you may opt to augment the levels of the estrogen with hormone replacement therapy.

      Hormone replacement therapy can be accomplished with synthetic hormones or with bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones are an exact match to the hormones made by the human body. Synthetic hormones are not. Unfortunately, synthetic hormones have been associated with some severe risk factors such as uterine cancer, blood clots, stroke, and dementia. Because bio-identical hormones are identical to the hormones in our bodies, they have not been associated with these risks.

      The professionals at Evolved Medical specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Women who choose this option report that they can feel like their normal selves once again. They experience an elimination or decrease in the severity of the hot flashes, and the texture of their skin improves.

      When seeking to go through hormone replacement therapy, you should only go for professionals who are certified and have a record of providing it successfully. Evolved Medical is well versed in hormone replacement therapy. They could help normalize your life with their unique options. As much as hot flashes are part and parcel of life for some, you could take action by opting for BHRT from Evolved Medical.

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