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      Exercising with Arthritis


      If there is one secret to feeling good as you age, it’s this: stay active. If you stop moving, your body will begin to shut down. You will lose strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. You need to keep the machine well-oiled.

      If you are living with arthritis, it may be difficult to exercise as you once did, or as your doctor recommends. Because we believe so strongly in the power of physical activity for remaining healthy and living long, we are constantly reviewing the medical literature to find what science has to say about the best types of exercise for those who suffer from this painful condition. If you are ready to accept the challenge of aging well, even with joint problems, we have the solution for you. Follow our exercise guide to get back to living your best life.

      There are therapeutic movements designed to improve range of motion. Gentle stretches are a wonderful way to begin a day, especially when muscles are stiff and joints feel tight. Consider a light yoga routine. You can search for stretches and poses online, or inquire at your local gym or senior center. You may also find tai chi beneficial. It is a meditative as well as a physical practice, and you can pursue this graceful martial art as a way to gently exercise your joints and combat the stress often associated with getting ill and older.

      If we had to present just one other form of exercise for arthritis sufferers, it would be moving in the water. If you are already active, you may want to work on lap swimming. If you would like to ease your way into increased aerobics, try a water class where you dance, stretch, and glide your limbs in the almost weightless environment. If moving your body hasn’t felt very good lately, you are going to be thrilled by how much pleasure can be found in water exercise.

      We also strongly encourage weight lifting. Now don’t roll your eyes at us! We’re talking easy exercises with light weights, and you really can do it without pain. Strengthening your muscles will support your aching joints, and it can lead to less pain and greater range of movement. Definitely take it slow and easy, and consult a physician, physical therapist, or that nice young trainer at the gym for advice on how to keep it safe and make it productive.

      If you want to feel young again, you have to be strong. If you want to live without pain, you must make a habit of exercising, whether that is lifting hand weights, or taking up tennis. There are so many ways to work exercise into your schedule and to make it fun. Do it as a group activity; take a dance class; buy a cute outfit or two. Working out does not have to be a nuisance. And your life should not be painful.

      We want to see you soar again. If you are living with arthritis, contact us Evolved Medical. We have so many tips and tricks for aging well. We know that you can love living in your body again.

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