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      Are You Growth Hormone Deficient

      Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is secreted by the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the skull. It stimulates cell reproduction and growth. Growth hormone secretion does diminish as we age, which can negatively affect health in numerous ways. The good news is that HGH therapy may be able to help you start feeling like your old (young) self again.

      Growth hormone peaks after puberty and starts it long descent from that early point. You can experience symptoms of age-related growth hormone deficiency as early as your 30s, and as you reach middle age, you may begin to notice more and more signs of the absence of this wonder hormone. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of low HGH. You may also notice a lower libido, reduced muscle mass and energy, and increased body fat. Yes, it?s a disheartening cluster of ailments to report. You may think it?s simply part of the process of aging, that it?s normal to feel this way, and that you must resign yourself to getting chubby, sleepy, and a few other of the seven dwarves. We don?t think this has to be the case.

      We can help reverse hormonal changes with replacement therapy.

      To find out if you are suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency you must undergo a clinical test. But you should be aware of a few other manifestations of low Growth Hormone. Baldness, dry skin, increased sensitivity to heat or cold, worsening memory, lack of stamina during physical exercise, depression, and anxiety can be caused by GHD. Mental and physical health can be affected by low levels of Human Growth Hormone. It?s best to get checked out by a healthcare provider if you suspect you may be living with and suffering needlessly from GHD.

      Aging is inevitable. But aging well hasn?t really been properly addressed in our society. We tend to treat illnesses rather than prevent them. But aging isn?t an illness. It?s an important part of the cycle and a beautiful stage of this journey that we?re on. We want to attack the symptoms of aging, to stall the inevitable, and give you the gift of your body?s vitality. Life can be a beautiful thing when you are feeling healthy, well, and up to the challenge.

      While there are more over-the-counter Growth Hormone products for sale than we can count, we think it?s best to get treated professionally. At Evolved Medical we address the patient as a whole person. We know that you are more than a collection of symptoms. We know that you can live longer and feel better if properly evaluated and treated. Come in for a consultation and we can determine if you are dealing with a common and treatable diagnosis.

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