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What is Complementary Medicine?

According to Time Magazine, 60 million Americans employ complementary medicine each year, spending roughly $30 billion on alternative medicine to treat everything from disabilities to the common cold.

Complementary medicine includes using exercise, herbs, and supplements as a substitute or in addition to  modern medicine. These methods have been used since the dawn of time and have been proven over and over again.


Exercise is medicine for both the body and mind. Activity can treat multiple illnesses, including mental illness and chemical imbalances.

Various forms of physical therapy are employed for people with developmental or acquired disabilities. Among this type of therapy is hydrotherapy, the use of water to reduce gravitational pull on the body and allow for movement not possible on land.

Yoga is another popular mind-body alternative medicine, as opposed to anti-depressants and anti-inflammatory drugs. Yoga naturally reduces blood pressure, builds muscle, increases circulation and flexibility, and decreases stress.


A wide array of vitamins and supplements are recommended by doctors. Prenatal vitamins for expecting mothers, Flintstone vitamins for children, and calcium supplements are popular.

Then there are all of the natural herbs and supplements that are beneficial, often with fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. The doctors who specialize in this sort of medicine actually hold a doctorate in their craft and can coordinate with their patients’ primary care physicians.

Hormone Therapy

Every process in the human body is regulated and controlled by hormones. Vitamin deficiencies, which are becoming more and more common in the American diet, can cause hormonal imbalances. This disrupts things like metabolism, energy, and even neurological function.

Professionals at Evolved Medical can help patients get their lives back. Using hormone therapy, Evolved Medical works to balance hormone levels, producing a solution to a variety of symptoms including low metabolism, hair loss, decrease in sex drive, muscle deterioration, and lethargy.

If you are looking for a better life, a combination of complimentary and modern care is your best option. Always coordinate the medical care you receive to avoid dangerous drug interactions and follow directions carefully.

Seeking complementary medicine also gives you more control over your health. If you need relief from symptoms of change of life, whether you are a man or a woman, look into Evolved Medical. Finding a solution to menopause, low testosterone, joint pain, food sensitivities, and other conditions is at your fingertips.

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