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What is HGH Therapy?

People are often oblivious to hormones except for those specific times in life when hormones seem to rule their lives — the angst of adolescence, the pleasure of falling in love, the hot flashes of menopause.

Hormones generally just chug along unobtrusively, fulfilling their roles in daily life. It is when they stop doing their job, or never begin at all, that they become noteworthy. That is also when HGH therapy can make a difference.

There are actually two different types of human growth hormone (HGH). Naturally produced in the pituitary gland of the brain, HGH’s most obvious responsibility is the growth spurts in children and adolescents. Additionally, HGH regulates muscle and bone growth, controls body fluids, metabolizes fats and sugar, and contributes to heart function. It’s a powerhouse among hormones. Then there is the synthetic form. Developed and approved by the FDA in 1985, synthetic HGH is a key ingredient in many prescription medications and, indistinguishable from the natural form, is also the version used in HGH therapy. Commonly given by injection, HGH therapy has several uses.

Brain Benefits

HGH therapy essentially rejuvenates the brain. Studies have shown notable improvements in mood, cognitive abilities and memory among people receiving HGH therapy as compared with those who receive a placebo. In fact, research shows that even people who have sustained moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries can potentially have symptoms reversed with human growth hormone.

Weight Loss

Since virtually everyone is seeking ways to keep the pounds off, the use of HGH therapy for weight loss may well be a game changer in this field. While nothing replaces a healthy diet, human growth hormone does increase lean muscles mass while simultaneously boosting quick loss of adipose fat, which is directly beneath the skin and surrounding the organs. The result is a more svelte appearance and lower body weight.

Benefits for Women

If there really were a fountain of youth, it would be found in HGH therapy. It’s rejuvenation powers extend to increasing the energy and stamina that tend to wane with age, due to low HGH. Plus, HGH therapy acts as a hormone replacement, substantially improving other age-related symptoms, including reversing dry skin and thinning hair, increasing a slowing metabolism to curtail weight gain as well as improving sleep patterns and augmenting the immune system. For many women, the benefits of HGH help them to look and feel younger.

Benefits for Men

While the side effects of menopause in women are often discussed, low HGH in men results in andropause, an equivalent condition not as often mentioned. Replenishing that natural HGH that declines with age, injections of HGH therapy once again serve as a hormone replacement, having a rapid effect on men’s muscle mass, building it while also diminishing fat that tends to accumulate around the abdomen. The result is a return to the sleeker physique of younger years. Additionally, an increase in libido also bolsters mood and the overall quality of life while increased HDL cholesterol, which is the good type, helps to lower heart attack risk.

All in all, HGH therapy, administered by hormone replacement experts, can be the panacea that many are seeking to restore the qualities of their younger selves.


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